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About Us

Based in Toronto, Canada with operations expanding rapidly into the United States and Europe, Thentia offers a range of enterprise technology solutions designed specifically for regulation, compliance and governance needs across a variety of professions and occupations.

ISO 27001 Compliant

Thentia has consulted with both self-regulated and private business clients to develop a sophisticated process; ensuring our custom regulatory solutions are designed, architected and quality-assured in a timely and professional manner. We also employ former regulatory professionals as we know their expertise and insight is invaluable to ensure all variances in client legislation and process are understood and represented accurately.

With a significant share of the professional regulatory market in Canada and key business compliance clients both in Canada and around the globe, we continue to learn, adapt, and expand the scope of custom capabilities to meet the niche requirements of our industry.

Every organization is unique, and our mission is to constantly improve and refine our platform by keeping pace with changes in regulatory practice and supporting technologies, and to provide complete solutions that are secure, user-friendly, responsive, comprehensive, and accessible.

We take an open consultative approach to understand your needs and will also play an advisory role to impart best practices – helping you achieve regulatory excellence.

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