Driving technology innovation globally in regulation and governance.

What we do

Thentia is a leading-edge technology company solely focused on providing best-of-breed regulatory and governance solutions through a family of distinct and specialized brands. Our technology capabilities, combined with our depth of knowledge in regulation and governance, is unparalleled.

For regulatory bodies committed to regulatory excellence, Helsby Drake is the most secure and trusted full-service software solutions partner. We provide our regulatory partners with the absolute best-of-breed full-service solution - tailored to support all key processes.

All our expertise and experience with powering regulatory excellence has uncovered a real need for a solution that helps companies keep track of all the activity necessary to ensure that they are fully compliant with regulatory requirements, that’s where Wired Assent comes in.

Smart govern is a very simple and cost-effective way to better manage board meetings. It offers secure document sharing, makes it easy to track and compile data, and makes it very time efficient to capture and publish meetings in minutes.

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