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Company Overview

How do you navigate in a shifting regulatory landscape?

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The onset of industry 4.0 and the rapid emergence of new industries, has irrevocably altered the regulatory landscape. These changes are making old points of reference unreliable and rendering many legacy regulatory platforms redundant.

This structural shift creates immense challenges for regulators, whether looking to comply with legal requirements, an industry mandate, or corporate governance.

Thentia’s user friendly cloud-based Governance, Risk and Compliance technology helps regulators overcome these challenges, and comprehensively handle today’s needs, with the agility to adapt to tomorrow’s requirements.

Our framework is supported by deeply knowledgeable people who are committed to streamlining your processes, securing your information — and ensuring you meet your obligations.

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Clients & their needs

A reputation gets built one interaction at a time.

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The goal of much regulation is ultimately to serve the public interest. Consequently, regulated industries are responsible for not only being in compliance, but being able to demonstrate their ongoing compliance to stakeholders and increasingly the media, at any time. Regulators need to be seen operating transparently and effectively, especially if reputation management is involved.

In healthcare, law, engineering and other sectors Thentia is working with regulatory agencies to replace paper-based processes, part solutions and outdated technology. Through implementing carefully tailored platforms that facilitate the entire regulatory process with increased automation and accuracy.

In self regulatory environments such as banking and insurance, oil and gas, mining and construction Thentia helps organizations with digital solutions that eliminate ambiguity while instilling ownership and oversite.

Your reputation is built one interaction at a time. And naturally the same goes for ours.

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I really want to thank you for the close scrutiny you’re giving to our processes – you and your team are definitely going to help us be better than we currently are.

College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia

Why Thentia?

Developed by regulators to improve regulatory performance.

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There’s no other way to say it, we’re regulator centric. Our sole aim is to help regulators regulate, organizations comply, and boards of directors govern more efficiently.

As such our solutions were developed from scratch to be intuitive, scalable and secure; accessible from multiple devices and integrate with third party billing and other systems.

But our clients’ real advantage is comprehensive support from professionals with exceptional collective domain knowledge. It’s this deep expertise that allows us to assess client needs, shape a targeted solution, implement it, and evolve it — as changes are needed over time.

Whether your organization needs an out of the box solution with minimal customization or a rigorously tailored system to meet exacting requirements, we’ll make it happen with the minimum of upheaval to your day-to-day operations.

Key Differentiators

Thentia — walking the walk

Thoughtfully targeted solutions

Our focus is exclusively on meeting risk governance and compliance requirements of agencies that regulate and organizations that are regulated. Our solutions are single mindedly built for this sole purpose.

An adaptable framework

We provide what you need — not what happens to be in our box; through an open and consultative approach.

By regulators, for regulators

We were founded by former regulators. We recruit talent with direct industry experience, and we continue actively increasing our domain knowledge.

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Welcome to the Evolution

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Espresso Capital provides $2.5 million credit facility to Thentia

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