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Regulatory, Compliance & Governance Database Solutions

Thentia database technology was created specifically for regulatory bodies and private businesses (world-wide) that are committed to the highest level of regulatory compliance and governance.

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ISO 27001 Compliant

Advanced Regulatory Technology

Information Technology


Ultra-fast, device and browser compatible technology built specifically for regulatory compliance and governance.

Data Security

Advanced technology combined with rigorous ISO 27001 InfoSec procedures ensures your data is secure.

Global Cloud Storage

Global Storage

World-wide cloud storage for all professional regulators and businesses hosted in your specific country of origin.

Industry Experience

We offer a highly-skilled team of regulatory industry experts, developers, and dedicated business analysts that work with you to help reinforce regulatory excellence. Regulation is present in every industry, with infinite variations, and we truly understand the uniqueness of every organization’s needs. Thentia’s solutions are designed to deliver a long-term and systematic approach to regulation and governance.

Access your information quickly

Regardless of the total size of your dataset, graph database technology excels at managing highly connected data and complex queries.

Combined with artifical intelligence, graph databases can correlate datasources and relationships to pinpoint data trends which can unveil predictive and valuable insights.

Predictive Analytics
Governance Regulation

Are You a Regulator or Private Business?

Regulatory organizations fall into the ‘For Regulators’ category, and private businesses seeking to improve their compliance with industry-specific regulation fall into the ‘For Private Business’ category below.

For Regulators

  1. Do you spend countless hours processing initial registrations and member renewals?
  2. Does your current system experience significant downtime and routinely crash during annual registration renewal?
  3. Does your current vendor or system administrator provide comprehensive information security audit reports?
  4. How confident are you that your current system isn’t being hacked right now?
Product Details

For Private Business

  1. Are your products and services regulated or are your employees members of a regulated profession?
  2. Is the cost of regulatory compliance for your business a point of concern?
  3. Do you currently have a department or division dedicated to researching, interpreting and applying new legislative compliance mandates?
  4. Do you currently have an automated company-wide system that proactively monitors regulatory compliance?
Product Details

Our Refined Process

Meticulous planning, proactive and structured meetings and business analysis are the key building blocks to a successful deployment.

  • Process Engineering

  • Custom Design & Development

  • Data Mapping

    Data Mapping

  • Quality Assurance

Process Engineering

Thentia conducts an in-depth review with your team to analyze and document your current operating processes and collaborate on your custom solution requirements. A dedicated project manager is assigned and carries the project forward towards a formal statement of work.


Custom Design & Development

As part of our solution architecture we take the requirements and process engineering flows developed by the business analyst and develop a design as well as technical specifications to support them. These technical specifications will ultimately be used to create the necessary customization to our core product platform which support our client’s exact requirements.


Data Mapping

As many organizations have experienced in the past, mapping all historical data from a legacy system(s) to an improved secure environment is an essential part of any system upgrade. Thentia provides an entire team of specialists to ensure the data is both clean (deleting duplicate records as an example) and normalized before the migration is initiated.


Quality Assurance

The quality assurance analyst’s role is to develop test cases which are essentially a list of expected inputs and outputs of the system based on the requirements and specifications. The QA analyst then executes testing against each module to ensure compliance with the requirements and specifications prior to the client receiving them for acceptance.

Regulatory Software

Why Choose Thentia?

  • In-house regulatory expertise
  • Fully customized, device & browser friendly solution architecture
  • Secure cloud storage (country of origin)
  • Sophisticated measurement, metrics & reporting
  • Structured and predictable pricing
  • Ultra-fast, modern regulatory database technology
  • Turn-key data migration / mapping
  • Dedicated client training / documentation & support
  • Integrate with third-party software (full API intergration)
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