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Our Mission

From the beginning, Thentia’s primary purpose has been to disrupt the regulatory industry. We are committed to providing the best-in-class technology and expertise to regulatory bodies across North America and to streamlining regulatory processes. We strive to establish ourselves as industry leaders in regulatory technology and provide our clients with unrivaled service and professionalism.

Our Clients

Thentia was created by insiders from the regulation industry, giving us crucial insight into what makes best-in-class regulatory systems. Thentia provides a cloud-based platform that streamlines the process for regulatory bodies to perform their duties. It is fully customizable according to specific industry and jurisdictional requirements, as well as to standards of regulatory excellence. As a result, our platform is trusted by regulatory professionals across Canada and the United States.

Our Technology

Our proprietary technology, Thentia Cloud, is at the leading edge of cloud-based technology. Unlike existing solutions, Thentia Cloud is not weighed down by legacy technical debt, and boasts features such as a graph database with machine learning capabilities. This enables us to do onboarding at a speed that was previously unknown in the industry. We have built in best practices for information security, including ISO 27001 compliance and SOC Type ll compliant data centers.

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