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Regulated Industries

End to end solutions that need minimal customization

Over many years consulting with government, self regulatory and private clients we recognize each organization is unique. Because we understand every regulator faces different challenges, we’ve developed an adaptable framework that minimizes friction and provides maximum fluidity. The resulting solutions are designed to sync with the requirements of individual clients, by facilitating their entire regulatory process, with a minimum of customization. All designed, architected and quality assured to meet or exceed industry standards, including ISO 27001 certification and SOC Type ll compliant data centers.

Solutions by Industry

Open Regulate

Open Regulate is a turn-key regulatory database solution that powers a comprehensive suite of user application modules and portals that support all critical regulatory standards and workflows, including:

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  • Registration & renewals management
  • Inquiries, complaints and discipline
  • Quality assurance & education
  • Reporting
  • Public register
  • Applicant portal
  • Registrant portal
  • Alerts & notifications
  • Invoicing & payment processing
  • Communication management
  • Events
  • Third-party integrations

Wired Assent

Wired Assent is designed to ensure organizations are compliant and accountable with regards to all regulatory requirements, and it does this in an organized, infinitely scalable, and ultra-secure environment.

  • One-touch comprehensive reporting
  • Fully mobile, tablet & desktop supported
  • Ultra-secure and accessible
  • Easy to use
  • Multi-level administrative access
  • Full audit history
  • Extremely fast data retrieval
  • 100% customizable to your processes

Smart Govern

Our experience in consulting and building end-to-end regulatory and compliance solutions identified an urgent need for a solution to assist organizations in keeping track of meetings, including all supporting functions and documentation.

Having identified the need we developed Smart Govern which can be used as a standalone solution, or fully integrated with Open Regulate and Wired Assent. Smart Govern features include:

  • Annotation
  • Discussion groups
  • Scheduling / Outlook integration
  • Meeting minutes
  • Attendance
  • Expenses
  • Voting
  • File sharing
  • Integrate existing audio and web conferencing for external participants
  • Document storage
  • Electronic signatures

Services by Industry

Need a solution tailored to your specific requirements?

Sometimes the best solution means starting with a blank slate. Maybe a legacy system is beyond upgrading, or the industry or profession you operate in, is highly specialized to such a degree that our flexible framework doesn’t fully meet your needs.

Thentia’s organizational consulting begins with an in-depth review with your team to analyze and document your current operating processes and identify your custom solution requirements.

Our project managers, analysts, and solution engineers work in tandem with your key people. Together we develop a conceptual framework around your specific regulatory environment; incorporating applicable legislation, professional standards and by-laws.

Next, the solution is architected, programmed, configured, and your data migrated. This is followed by full-scale quality assurance testing with detailed staff training and onboarding. We constantly monitor to ensure your data is secure, all system processes are operating flawlessly, and your business is protected.

Thentia’s goal for our clients is regulatory excellence. Our informed and proactive consulting — is how you get there.

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