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Full Service Regulatory Solutions Partner

Helsby Drake provides regulatory partners with the absolute best-of-breed full-service solution tailored to support all key processes and breed regulatory excellence at every level.

Of particular importance today is data security, given the growing technical sophistication online and the appetite for personal data. All of our solutions offer the absolute highest level of online data security available today, period.

Helsby Drake is focused exclusively on the sectors of Healthcare Professional Regulation, Engineering & Geoscience Regulation, Securities Regulation, Alcohol & Gaming Regulation, Accounting Regulation, Municipal/Provincial/Federal Permitting/Licensing and Insurance Regulation, Helsby Drake provides you with a tailored regulatory software solution, helping to ensure your success as a regulatory body.  Our software provides you with a complete solution, recording registrant data, enabling a public register, providing registrants with a platform to change their information, and more. Helsby Drake is the perfect solutions partner for your regulatory organization.

“It was really great working with the Helsby Drake team. They actively listened to our exact needs and through the process, we benefited from their depth of experience working with many regulatory bodies, sharing insights that helped us with even greater process refinement, exceeding our expectations on every level”.
Kelly Dobbin
CMO Registrar

Ensuring Organizational Compliance

All our expertise and experience with powering regulatory excellence has uncovered a real need for a solution that helps companies keep track of all the activity necessary to ensure that they are fully compliant with regulatory requirements, that’s where Wired Assent comes in.  Wired Assent is designed to make sure your organization is complaint with all regulation, helping you achieve regulatory excellence. 

Simple and Cost Effective Boardroom Mgmt

Smart govern is a very simple and cost-effective way to better manage board meetings.  It offers secure document sharing, makes it easy to track and compile data, and increases time efficiency – making it easy to capture and publish meeting in minutes. With a complete boardroom solution regulatory excellence is easy to achieve. 

The Smart Govern app can be used on an iPad, Windows tablet and all Android devices.

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